Al-Khaifa Law is Collaborating with Andersen Global in Qatar

Al-Khalifalaw is highly qualified to provide commercial legal services in all business sectors such as (Corporate & Companies, commercial contracts, Taxation (Income and WHT Tax), Employment, Real Estate & Retail, Intellectual Property (trademarks registration), Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration. Al-Khalifalaw is aiming to dedicate their effort for maintaining high standards of legal and consultancy services in the fields of Qatari Law and the laws of GCC Countries. Further, providing regional and international services through elite of allied law firms. Al-Khalifalaw is keeping the relations, which have been based on the mutual trust between the firm and its clients who form the core of its interest and the permanent seek for development of such relations. We will keep dealing with the clients' challenges and problems as if they relate to a member of Al-Khalifalaw and seeking achievement of the best possible results and focusing on improvement of the services provided to reach the ambition level of its clients. It is well known for all the clients all over the world to find that the cost of specialized and professional legal services is high, in view of that, Al-Khalifalaw is keen on providing the services required by the clients in the anticipated level along with taking the aspect of reasonable cost into consideration. At Al-Khalifalaw, we believe in Permanent concentration and abiding by the rules of justice, protecting the rights and transparency in dealing. Al-Khalifalaw has, and will continue to obtain, business affiliation with a number of local, region and international law firms and their branches around the world. Therefore, Al-Khalifalaw has the capability to assists clients anywhere in the world and obtain quick access to lawyers with the right expertise and depth of jurisdictional knowledge to meet the client needs. The practice is being managed by a group of skilled and well-experienced attorneys with dedication and strong commitment to provide the best service to the clients. Al-Khalifalaw is serving its local and international clients from its office located in Doha. Our office provides a complete range of services to multinational corporations in Qatar and other countries. Composed of a group of lawyers with unquestionable qualifications and expertise in different areas of practice, Al-Khalifalaw has moved its way up beyond the level of its competitors in the trade of legal service provider. The firm continuously educate, train and update its team regarding the latest decree, act, ruling, policy, regulations, law and order, released by Qatar and international government through attending local and international conventions, seminars, trainings and symposium and subscription of publication focus on legal issues. These learning activities help Al-Khalifalaw lawyers to respond quickly and effectively to any challenge, no matter how enormous.


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